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Pattaya Gyms and Fitness

Pattaya Gyms tend to be either expensive or too hot, if you know a gym that you can recommend, or a gym that you can review, please let us know so we can add it to our list. We welcome honest gym reviews from owners, please let us know the prices of membership, your equipment, the services you offer such as martial arts and yoga. Please include the main type of clientele you have such as if the gym is geared towards cardio vascular or bodybuilding or both.

With all the alcohol consumption in Pattaya, its vital that we diet well and exercise well, it truly makes a difference, using the gym daily will improve you sex life (getting more bang per baht), it may even help you smoke less or even give you access to better quality girls at lower prices.

Pattaya Gym Information

The beauty of personal training is the flexibility. If you don't like the Pattaya gym training environment, then we can go swimming in the sea, play football or another sport of your choice, walk or jog seeing the sights of Pattaya and surrounding area, go for a smoothie and have a chat. The role of a personal trainer is to design and conduct both exercise and training programs, we offer 24-7 support and advice, be a friend to you. That may sound superficial, but we need to be a team to achieve your goals. I know you may often see women's or men's health magazines with pictures of people of amazing figure, with hard work and determination you can also achieve this. A good figure also provides a greater sexual yield, think about the women or men that you would be able to get. Improved self esteem and confidence opens new doors. If you've read the background section then you'll realise my experience in understanding feasibility issues, time and money are the two biggest barriers to participation. With 168 hours in the week, alongside a job, a girlfriend or boyfriend, friends and any other commitments you may have. There are too many barriers in life, so why create ones in the entity that we are.

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